22 November 2015

Robotics Project Ideas

1.  A robot system for fire fighting in tunnels
2.  SMS based automatic two wheeler locking system
3.  The development of intelligent home security robot
4.  GPS based vehicle root tracking system
5.  Design and development of voice / Tele operated intelligent mobile robot

6.  Automatic Steering Control robot
7.  An intelligent mobile robot navigation technique using RFID Technology
8.  Fabrication of GPS Robot
9.  GSM mobile phone based automobile security system
10.              Automatic alcohol sensing robot
11.              Artificial Intelligent based Solar Vehicle
12.              Robot for military application
13.              GSM based automatic vehicle accident information system
14.              Material Dimensions Analyzing Robot
15.              Three axis modern trailer
16.              SMS controlled video analyzing robot
17.              PLC based pick and place Robot
18.              Fire Fighting Robot
19.              Automatic car overtaking system
20.              Path finding Robot
21.              Fully Automated Track Guided Vehicle (ATGV)
22.              Automatic Ball Printing Robot
23.              Industrial temperature analyzing Robot
24.              SMS controlled solar vehicle
25.              Robot controlled Vacuum Cleaner
26.              Automatic fire fighting visitor guided vehicle
27.              Robot Hand (Model)
28.              SMS controlled pick and place robot
29.              Remote controlled bomb detecting robot
30.              Automatic Arc Welding Robot
31.              Fabrication of Computer Interfaced Robot
32.              Automatic sensor based wall painting Robot
33.              Remote operated weapons robot
34.              Automatic pick and place paint spraying robot
35.              Automatic vehicle accident place finding system by using GPS technology
36.              Automatic Visitor Guided Robot
37.              Sensor Operated Automatic Punching robot
38.              Aero plane Controlling System (Flying Model)
39.              Remote Controlled Video Analyzing Robot
40.              Mini Robot Car for industrial application
41.              Remote controlled air craft (Flying Model)
42.              Mini Robot Spray Painting System
43.              Remote controlled material handling robot
44.              Pick and Place jumping robot with remote control
45.              Video analyzing remote controlled vacuum cleaning robot
46.              Automatic Scrap collecting Robot
47.              SMS controlled moving robot
48.              PLC based pick and place Robot
49.              Cell phone controlled Solar Vehicle
50.              Man less defense
51.              Robot manipulator


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