26 April 2015

Remote Controlled Conveyer

About Remote Controlled Conveyer Project :- :-

        This project is developed for the users to control the operation of a Conveyer through remote control. It mainly consists of a Conveyer, multi channel RF transmitter, RF receiver, Drilling unit and controlling unit. 
        The remote hand set consists of two buttons for forward and reverse.  When the user presses a specific button in the hand set, the transmitter sends corresponding RF signal and the RF receiver receives the signal and sends to the controlling section.  The controlling section controls the driver section for the corresponding operation of the motor and thus the conveyer will work.

        The conveyer motor operates the conveyer through a belt.  The conveyer will move in forward and reverse direction. Through remote control, the Conveyer can be operated as the desire of the user to carry the objects in industries.  

Block Diagram


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